Here you will find various works I have completed over the years. I have split them into three separate categories:

This page will be updated with new projects as they become completed so make sure to check in every once in awhile.

AutoCAD Projects


Split Multifamily Remodeling ~ 10 -12 Maple Terrace, Three Rivers MA:

Existing elevations, basement, first floor, and second floor plans for a split multifamily home that is in the process of being remodeled.


Egress Design ~ 181-183 High Street, Holyoke MA

Existing and renovation plans for the first/mezzanine floor of this building. An emergency exit egress was needed to be implemented for the second floor occupants.


Hannoush Jewelers Relocation~ 549 Dalton Avenue, Pittsfield MA

Existing first floor plan and new layout for a jewelers that will be relocating to this building.


Basement Apartment Layout ~ 23 Lexington Ave, Northampton MA

New layout for an in-law basement apartment that includes it’s own entry/egress.

Laundromat  Layout ~ 34 School Street, Westfield MA

Existing first floor and new layout plans for a new laundromat business.


As-Built ~ 904 Meadow Street, Chicopee MA

Existing first floor plan for a commercial office/garage space. This space will be converted into two separate units that share this large garage area.

As-Built ~ 43 Court Street, Westfield MA

Existing first floor plan of a large office space that will eventually require a new office layout.

Permit Planning ~ 49 Market Street, Northampton MA

Existing site, first floor, and second floor plans for a remodel of a 3 unit home.


Two-Story Fictional Home ~ Fictional Location:

For my BCT 320 Class, I drafted a fictional two-story home in AutoCAD consisting of a site-plan, first and second floor plan, elevations, cross-sectional details, and kitchen detail.


Chief Architect Projects


Kitchen Remodel ~ 142 Shefford Street, Springfield MA

3D model of a new design for a kitchen. This model was converted into an AutoCAD layout, but originally modeled in Chief Architect.


As-Built ~ 5 Oak Street, Monson MA

Existing 3D model of a home that will be renovated with a new roof design.


New Home Design ~  0 Glendale Street Lot B, Chicopee MA

3D model of new home design to be constructed in the near future.




Northampton JFK Middle School Energy Analysis + Retrofit

Download and view here.

Radiant Flooring Heating System Research Paper

Download and view here.

The Effects of Termites on Wood Research Paper

Download and view here.