About Me

Hello, I’m currently a student at University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Building & Construction Technology as a major and Information Technology as a minor. Along with my studying, I am also working as an assistant for the owner/manager of an architectural consulting company, Womeldorf Consulting LLC. This work involves helping my employer with creating various construction plans using AutoCAD and Cheif Architect. We travel to various locations in the Western Massachusetts area and supply plans for both new buildings and retrofits.

I am planning to pursue a field in commercial construction by either being a part of either a medium or large sized company. I have a great interest in both building technology and energy efficiency, so I want to bring my knowledge of those attributes to new projects within the industry.

As for my other interests, I spend my free time playing various instruments like the drums, guitar, and keyboard. I also enjoy rock climbing (inside and outside) and hiking in various national parks.

I will be updating this site with CAD projects and other construction related projects I’ve worked on over the years so stay tuned! You can also find more information about me and connect via LinkedIn.

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